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At Western States Law, P.C., we represent personal injury clients and families of wrongful death victims in motorcycle accident litigation. Our clients include casual and recreational bikers, hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts, and older riders who have rediscovered the appeal of motorcycles in middle age.

What our motorcycle accident clients tend to have in common is the fact that the drivers claim to have never seen them. The at-fault drivers often try to claim that the motorcycle was “speeding”. For a free consultation with an experienced motorcycle personal injury lawyer, contact our office.

Our Goal Is to Get Full Compensation for Colorado Motorcycle Accident Victims

Sometimes insurance adjusters, or even juries, might be tempted to lowball a motorcycle accident victim because they disapprove of the lifestyle or assume that the accident must have been the biker's fault. A big part of our job is to educate the insurance companies, and juries, about the realities of motorcycling. We have yet to encounter the bike crash case where our client was on a cell phone or completing the morning beauty routine. We're usually able to prove that the responsibility for the accident lies with the driver of the car that hit you — if not in settlement negotiations, then at the trial of your claim for damages.

Our experience with the proof of liability, and damages, in motorcycle accident litigation, can protect the value of your claim and let you concentrate on the hard job of completing your physical recovery.

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For Obvious Reasons, Motorcycle Accident Injuries Tend to Be Very Serious

We've seen some terrible injuries in motorcycle accidents. Broken bones, body and facial scars, traumatic brain injury, and even amputation, are all possible results of a bad bike crash. Our attention to detail in the development and presentation of your damages claim can help ensure that every component of your physical and economic losses is included in your damages claim.

Just as important, our experience with the proof and settlement of disputed claims can protect you from the temptation of an inadequate offer in a serious case. You can depend on us for reliable advice about the critical decisions you'll have to make as your case proceeds.

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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Colorado

We serve clients on a contingent fee basis. If we don't recover damages for you, there's no attorney's fee. We have extensive knowledge of the insurance industry that gives you extra leverage in resolving your damages claim on favorable terms. For a free consultation about your rights and options in the aftermath of a car crash, contact Western States Law, P.C. Evening, weekend, and in-home appointments are available.