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What Is Physical Impairment?

Unfortunately, the long term effects of a motor vehicle collision can be serious. Car crash victims may suffer from torn ligaments or tendons, broken bones that don't heal, head injuries, and even brain injuries. In wrongful death cases, families will never fully recover. Juries are instructed that they may award money for physical impairment to individuals injured in an automobile accident in Colorado. One such instruction reads:

The term "physical impairment" means an alteration of an individual's health status that is assessed by medical means. It is a loss or material impairment of any physical function or capacity or loss of health or detriment to the body. It is separate and different from other categories of damages such as non-economic losses."

The Value of Physical Impairment Claims

The value of the claim for physical impairment is left to the discretion of the jury or judge. For practical purposes, if an individual injured in a motor vehicle crash in Colorado has no long term effects from the automobile accident, an award for physical impairment is not likely. Technically, there is no requirement under Colorado law that a person injured in an accident has a "permanent" problem but, in reality, a jury may think the plaintiff in a car crash case is overreaching by asking for money without a permanent problem.

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