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Bad Faith Insurance Claims Attorneys in Aurora, Colorado

Colorado law gives people the right to hold their own insurance companies accountable for unfair claim practices. You may be able to collect up to double your actual damages, and attorney's fees, if your insurer acts with bad faith. “Bad faith” generally happens when your own insurance company treats you unfairly or below the industry standard of care. Western States Law, P.C. strives to keep your insurance company honest.

Aurora's top personal injury lawyers Dallas Norton and Kris Hofstra understand Colorado's Unfair Claim and Settlement Practices Act. They can explain how the act's provisions can protect you from insurance adjusters acting in bad faith.

A few examples of bad faith by an insurance company or adjuster include the following:

  • Delays in responding to and investigating your claim

  • Intentionally offering unreasonably low amounts to settle your claim

  • Dishonesty in claims adjusting

  • Threats of canceling your policy

  • Insisting that you provide the same information time and time again

  • Refusing to reimburse you for undisputed medical expenses

Bad faith insurance practices are regulated by state law and the Division of Insurance. Whether an adjuster’s actions will support a bad faith claim is very fact dependent. Sometimes one action may constitute bad faith, and at other times, a course of conduct by an adjuster will be evidence of bad faith.

Having a bad faith attorney, or personal injury lawyer, but the insurance company on notice will often solve the problem. In addition to representing injured parties against a negligent driver, the Aurora personal injury law firm of Western States Law, P.C. can help pursue a first-party claim against your own insurance company.


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