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What Is My Case Worth?

In placing a value on a personal injury case, our qualified automobile accident and personal injury lawyers look primarily to three things:

  1. Economic Damages

  2. Non-Economic Damages

  3. Physical Impairment

Thus, in mathematical terms, the value of a case can be viewed as follows:

Economic loss (bills, wage loss, etc.)


Non-economic loss (pain and suffering)


Physical Impairment 


Total Case Value

 Click each of the links above to learn more about each category of damages associated with a personal injury claim. To receive a free consultation from a qualified personal injury attorney in Aurora, Colorado about your car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or other negligence cases, call us. If after hours, or on the weekend, you may submit the form on this page and your question will be sent directly to a personal injury lawyer's cell phone. You will hear from an attorney, not a paralegal or "case manager". We also handle injury cases in Wyoming and Utah.