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Attacks by Animals, Other than Dogs

Colorado, Utah, Utah, and Wyoming have some of the most beautiful forests, grasslands, parks, and mountains in the country. These states are also home to thousands of woodland creatures, some of which people have tried to domesticate. Even though laws often prohibit the live possession of a wild animal, many animal lovers break these laws--putting themselves and others in danger.

For example, Colorado law strictly prohibits the importation, live possession, sale, trade, or purchase of any animal that is a wild native to Colorado. (33-6-113(1), C.R.S.) In addition, the law also prohibits the ownership or sale of wild animals that are not native to Colorado. (33-6-109(4), C.R.S.) These “exotic” animals can range from monkeys and squirrels to alligators and mountain lion cubs, tigers, wolfs and the ownership of these animals is often against the law. Similar laws exist in most states, including Wyoming and Utah.

Wild animals can snap, mauling, and biting unsuspecting people. They can also carry serious and deadly diseases that put everyone at risk. Certain monkeys, who are becoming a very popular pet, carry a deadly virus known as the B virus. 80% of all untreated humans who contract the B virus die from the infection. The CDC estimates that 70,000 people every year contract salmonella from a reptile kept as a pet.

If you or someone you love was injured in an animal attack, it is important to contact a top personal injury attorney familiar with animal attacks and dog bites to evaluate your case. You should always file a report with Animal Control and seek immediate medical attention. If the animal in question was kept in captivity illegally, the owner may be responsible for your injuries and medical treatment expenses. 

Our Attorneys Investigate Dog Bite and Animal Attack Injuries.

If you or someone you love has sustained a dog bite or animal attack, you understand how traumatic and painful these injuries can be. You and your family may be dealing with years of plastic surgeries, rehabilitation, and therapy. You will need the services of a Colorado dog bite personal injury attorney. A dog bite attorney, with extensive knowledge litigating and negotiating dog bite injuries, is crucial to receiving the compensation to which you are entitled. Our firm also handles serious dog bite and animal attack cases in Wyoming and Utah.

In the state of Colorado, to recover medical expenses, your attorney does not need to prove that the owner had knowledge of the dog's aggression, nor does the attorney have to prove that the dog had dangerous propensities. The dog owner is strictly liable for your medical expenses. The laws are different in each state.

To recover for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and disfigurement, you may need to establish that the owner of the dog, or, perhaps the property owner where the incident took place knew that the dog had bitten before. If you cannot prove that the dog had a history of being vicious, it may be enough to establish that the owner of the dog, or the property, should have known the dog was a danger. This may require phone calls to neighbors, delivery drivers, or even the U.S. Postal service.

Your attorney should consult with medical professionals to determine if you will have lifelong scarring or permanent nerve damage. The cost of these future procedures will need to be determined in order to receive full compensation. It is also important to determine all potential insurance coverage. This may include homeowners, renters, or an umbrella insurance policy.

Your ability to recover from a dog bite or animal attack may also depend on your legal status as a guest, invitee, or trespasser. Before making statements to adjusters, you should consult with a top dog bite personal injury attorney.

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For help with your investigation and a free consultation about your rights in the aftermath of a severe dog bite or animal attack incident, call us to contact a top, experienced, personal injury attorney, at Western States Law, P.C. We are located in Aurora, Colorado but handle dog bite and animal attack cases on a percentage basis throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. Home, evening, and weekend visits are available.