Hit and Run Accidents

Hit-and-run accidents typically contain unique elements which need to be handled carefully. The main challenge in most cases is finding the driver at-fault. In our experience, these drivers often leave the scene because they were drunk drivers, had an invalid license, were illegally in the country, or had a warrant for their arrest. Sometimes, with careful investigation as well as the help of witnesses, security video tapes, and 911 transcripts we can find the negligent driver. Often, these cases may be brought under your own uninsured motorist coverage.

Most Insurance Policies Require that You Report an Accident to The Police Within 24 Hours

Miss-and-run accidents are similar, except that the at-fault vehicle does not actually make contact with your vehicle. Often, the miss-and-run driver is not even aware that he or she did anything wrong. A classic example is the driver who abruptly changes lanes without signaling, causing a car to swerve to avoid the collision but ultimately collide with something else.

If there is an accident alert, go to the nearest police department and fill out a "counter report." If the at-fault driver in your case cannot be found, or if the driver does not have enough insurance to cover your full damages, it may become necessary to file a claim against your own insurance company.


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Once your insurer is involved, it will “take the place” of the at-fault, hit-and-run or miss-and-run driver. Your insurance company then “steps in the shoes” of the at-fault driver and can claim you contributed to the collision. Your own insurance company will usually seek to minimize your injuries, damages, and losses. If you and the insurer cannot agree, arbitration may be available, but in most cases a lawsuit is necessary.

In some circumstances, you may be entitled to uninsured motorist coverage even if it was not purchased or included in your policy.

If you have been involved in a hit-and-run or miss-and-run accident caused by another person you have rights. After filing the police report, but before speaking to an adjuster, contact one of the injury lawyers in Aurora, Colorado at Norton | Bowers | Hofstra, P.C., for a free consultation by calling 303-400-8100. Although our personal injury law firm is in Aurora, Colorado, we represent injury victims throughout Colorado and the western states of Utah and Wyoming. You will meet with an attorney, not a paralegal, “case manager”, or salesman. Home, evening, telephone, and weekend consultations are available. Your initial consultation is free.

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We serve clients on a contingent fee basis. If we don't recover damages for you, there's no attorney's fee. We have extensive knowledge of the insurance industry that gives you extra leverage in resolving your damages claim on favorable terms. For a free consultation about your rights and options in the aftermath of a car crash, contact Norton | Bowers | Hofstra, P.C. Evening, weekend, telephone, and in-home appointments are available.