Eye Injury

Over 2 million Americans are injured each year injured in automobile accidents across the United States. Injuries can range from severely broken bones and soft tissue injuries to more serious and spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and even eye injuries. Injuries to the eye are all common and, if not treated properly, can lead to a lifetime of permanent vision loss and even blindness.

During a car crash, the head can strike blunt objects like the steering wheel or window. Although airbags save lives, they often cause unique injuries of their own. Small tears and breaks in the retina can occur causing a buildup of fluid underneath the retina. This fluid can cause the retina to “detach” from the blood supply of the eye or optic nerve, causing permanent vision loss and blindness.

At first, the victim of the car accident may experience floating specks in their vision commonly referred to as “floaters.” As the retinal detachment worsens, the victim may begin to experience sharp flashes of light that are often described as “fireworks” in the eye. This decline in their vision may persist for as long as the detachment continues until the result is a partial or complete loss of vision. Due to this vision loss, victims may find themselves unable to perform their daily activities, enjoy their hobbies, or even continue in their profession. As a result, financial compensation may be needed for medical expenses, eye surgeries, and even long term care

If you notice any changes in your vision following an automobile accident or motorcycle accident, it is important to seek emergency medical treatment immediately. Prompt medical intervention is the best way to reverse retinal detachment and save your eyesight. If treated promptly, in the first 24-48 hours, patients may not lose any of their vision and a complete recovery is possible.

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