Pain and Suffering

Most people think of "pain and suffering" as non-economic type damage related to an automobile accident. However, non-economic damages related to injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision or from other negligence includes much more. In addition to a claim for pain and suffering, the personal injury lawyers at Western States Law, P.C., pursue claims for their injured clients such as disability, loss of enjoyment of life, inconvenience, etc. Our main office is in the Aurora, Colorado area although we handle cases in Wyoming and Utah as well.

We understand that many people chose to live in Colorado for lifestyle reasons including the mountains, bike trails, riding motorcycles, skiing, and other recreation. When a Colorado resident is involved in a motor vehicle collision, the impact on lifestyle can be significant. It is important to understand that a car crash that took seconds can affect someone long into the future. As such, the Aurora, Colorado accident and injury lawyers at Western States Law, P.C. always take into account both past and future disability, loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, and other damages specific to you, your family, and your lifestyle.


Disfigurement is another type of non-economic damage that may result from a car collision or other negligence. Disfigurement may be serious, such as the loss of a limb or facial scar, while other disfigurements may be a small scar on the leg. Often disfigurement from a car accident is to the face. In these and most cases, our personal injury lawyers generally recommend getting an opinion from a qualified plastic surgeon or other physicians. This will permit your personal injury lawyer to fully evaluate your personal injury case in terms of permanency, future medical needs, disfigurement, and future medical costs.

All Non-Economic Aspects

The non-economic aspects of your case cannot be ignored. Often, the value of one's pain and suffering, disability, and disfigurement claims far exceed the cost to repair a car or the cost of the medical services related to a motor vehicle accident. Our personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation with free advice about your case. If you are unable to meet with one of our personal injury attorneys in our Aurora, Colorado location, we can come to you, or provide a telephone consultation. Our personal injury attorneys are also available for the weekend, evening, and home visits at your convenience. You will not be visited by a paralegal, “case manager,” or salesman sent to sign you up.

Our personal injury law firm motto is; "We work for you," and our personal injury attorneys and staff remember this. Please call 303-400-8100 for a free consultation and free advice about your case. After hours, or simply if you prefer, submit your question on the form on this page and it will be sent to one of our Colorado personal injury lawyers’ cell phones.