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Wrongful Death of 85-Year Old Bicyclist in Aurora

Western States Law, P.C. Feb. 25, 2021

An 85-year-old man was struck and killed by a garbage truck this past Monday in our own neighborhood of Aurora, Colorado. It’s said that the man was attempting to cross the street as he was out for a bike ride when the truck made a right-hand turn on a green light. The bicyclist succumbed to his injuries after being transported to the hospital. Although the investigation is said to be ongoing, the grief has already begun for the family and loved ones of the victim.

What Happens After a Bicycle Accident

In 2018, it was reported that there were 857 bicyclists killed in traffic accidents, making it the deadliest year on record. It’s no secret that when a collision happens between a bicycle and a vehicle, the vehicle is notoriously bigger and more powerful, causing the cyclist to incur most of the impact. After an accident, it’s always important to call 911 and report the incident, ensuring to wait for medical professionals before moving to help alleviate any other damage. It’s also important, as in a multiple-vehicle crash, to gather the driver’s information, even if you feel fine at the scene. It is not uncommon for pain to gradually increase after the adrenaline subsides. Without the driver’s name, address, license number, and insurance information, you may never be able to make a claim if your symptoms worsen. Finally, contact a trusted personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

As in this situation, where a life is lost, the victim and their loved ones still have rights to compensation. Especially, when an accident is involving a city vehicle like a garbage truck, the timeline to start the legal process is dramatically shortened compared to a passenger vehicle. When emotions are high after losing a loved one, it’s important to know that dedicated personal injury attorneys at Western States Law, P.C. are here to help take the legal burden off of loved ones' shoulders and help them find the justice they deserve.

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