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Tragic Accidents Around Colorado

Western States Law, P.C. March 8, 2021

A weekend of car crashes, hit-and-runs, and shootings rang through the Denver-metro area leaving several families without their loved ones. Although the steps following an accident whether it left the victim with extreme injuries or with the loss of a family member or friend, there are rights after an accident that goes beyond just criminal charges. Our dedicated and relentless attorneys here are Western States Law, P.C. are here to take on those steps to ultimately help victims and their loved ones receive the compensation they deserve.

Tragedies Around Colorado

Adams County Sheriff’s Office reported that an investigation is underway for a car crash that ultimately left two people shot. Although the incident happened on Friday evening, details on Monday morning are still unclear as to what led to the shooting. For all of those affected by these types of crimes, it is important that not only the criminals receive punishment but that the victims receive rightful compensation. Experienced lawyers at Western States Law, P.C. will pull resources from insurance, criminal restitution, victim’s compensation, and other avenues to make sure that those injured receive the full compensation they deserve throughout their recovery process.

In another tragic incident this weekend, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a driver in southwest Denver Friday evening. The driver then fled the scene in what is now being described as a white Nissan Murano, heavy front-end damage expected. Similar to the criminal fleeing the scene in the crash and shooting above, experienced personal injury lawyers will be able to fight for a victim’s rights regardless of the criminal being caught after a hit-and-run. When the life of a loved one is taken so suddenly and selfishly, there are many difficult decisions to be made but choosing a dedicated attorney should not be one of them. We here at Western States Law, P.C. aim to make the lives of victims easier once the tragedy has happened.

Saturday morning again brought more unexpected crashes and deaths near Northern Colorado. The first accident happening near East 104th Avenue and Tower Road leaving one victim dead and another hospitalized. It’s said that a vehicle traveling north on Tower Road hit a black SUV going west on 104th Avenue. Alcohol is considered a component of the crash. The second crash early Saturday morning happened near Thornton, Colorado. A total of five vehicles were involved after the initial crash happened when a driver ran a red light hitting another vehicle head-on, causing one vehicle's fuel tank to burst and start a fire. Ultimately three people, the two drivers, and a passenger in the head-on collision lost their lives in the accident.

How to Get Compensation After an Accident

When it comes to shootings, especially when the victim is in a vehicle, Colorado has a variety of options when seeking compensation for the victim’s injuries and/or losses. For instance, every county in Colorado has victim’s compensation funds which may permit recovery for certain losses following a drive-by shooting. Free of charge, our office assists victims of shootings, and other crimes, in filling out applications properly and seeking these funds. Our team can also help you understand the criminal restitution process, which may permit additional recovery directly from the criminals who committed the crime.

On the other end, when it comes to hit-and-run accidents with pedestrians and car accidents things are handled in a bit of a different way. Even though there may be several reasons why a driver would leave the scene of a collision --- in the state of Colorado it is illegal to do so. If you or someone you love was involved in a hit-and-run, you need to notify the police immediately! Followed by needing an aggressive Colorado personal injury automobile accident attorney to explain your rights under uninsured motorist coverage or your possible right to victims' compensation funds.

Whether you run into denials from your health insurance, need additional medical tests or treatment to support your insurance claim, or need help with repairs to a damaged car, we can help. We are experienced in finding alternate sources to replace lost income or pay for medical bills, co-payments, and deductibles. If you act before the at-fault driver's criminal case goes to court, you may have the right to apply for victims' compensation or criminal restitution.

We will also attempt to recover the maximum available for your damages under Colorado law. We develop the facts necessary to establish liability against the other driver under our state's fault-based insurance laws. If your injuries, damages, and losses are serious enough to exceed the other driver's liability limits, we will look for additional defendants and insurance coverage wherever possible.

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