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Colorado law updates and breaking news related to personal injury cases. 

Dog Bite3

A Colorado Springs 4-year old girl was aggressively bit by a dog this week. The mother telling those around her that her daughter was “lucky not to lose her eyeball” in the attack and her daughter’s face “…looked terrible. So swollen and so much blood and her lip hanging off”. The girl was rushed to UC Health Memorial Hospital.

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According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs every year and about 800,000 will seek medical treatment. Children are at the greatest risk and make up about one-half of those numbers. Know your right post-bite. Call an attorney today!

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Dogs are the most popular pets in the United States with 44% of all households owning at least one dog. Even when dogs do not bite, they can cause injuries by clawing, scratching, chasing, and even pushing people over.

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Dog Bite2

Every state has different laws when it comes to dog bites and dog injuries. While some states offer dogs and their owners “one free bite”, this has partially changed in Colorado. Know your right post-bite. Call an injury attorney today.

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