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Colorado law updates and breaking news related to personal injury cases. 

Car Accident4

A weekend of car crashes, hit-and-runs, and shootings rang through the Denver-metro area leaving several families without their loved ones. Although the steps following an accident whether it left the victim with extreme injuries or with the loss of a family member or friend, there are rights after an accident that goes beyond just criminal charges.

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Hit and Run

In our own neighborhood of Aurora, Colorado, a child was struck by a black sedan early evening of February 4th. The driver fled the scene at Havana Street and East First Avenue leaving the youngster with serious bodily injuries.

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Car Accident 3.jpg

The majority of the world saw mandated stay-at-home orders to prevent the spread of the pandemic this year but even with traffic lessening throughout Colorado, we saw more fatal accidents than in 2019. How does that happen?

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Post Accident

As Personal Injury Attorneys, we see several tragedies and while we always help our victims fight for their right to Victim’s Compensation, we understand as members of the Colorado community that these incidents can feel debilitating. We share in the deep condolences with the victims and their families after these accidents.

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