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Colorado law updates and breaking news related to personal injury cases. 


A heartbreaking weekend for families of car accident victims around Colorado as five different accidents lead to five fatalities. As with grieving, adjusting to the loss of a loved one is much more of a process than an event. For sound advice and practical help through all stages of this process, contact a dependable Aurora, Colorado-based wrongful death and personal ...

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Semi Truck

Trucking accident cases differ significantly from ordinary motor vehicle accidents, and victims of these accidents do not often understand all the potential issues. Federal trucking laws apply, video and GPS information may get lost or destroyed, trucker logs may be altered, and top insurance adjusters handle these high-dollar insurance cases.

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motorcycle accident

Recent statistics regarding motorcycle accidents are both alarming and sobering. Although the number of fatalities resulting from motor vehicle accidents has declined somewhat, fatalities of motorcyclists have increased.

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Dog Owner2

Dogs are often called “man’s best friend” but when a dog becomes aggressive, it can become your worst nightmare. Understand dog owner liability and legal consequences post dog bite.

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