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Important Personal Injury Statistics

Western States Law, P.C. Jan. 28, 2021

Personal injury claims make up one of the largest chunks in the State and Federal court systems through the United States. Throughout the country, it’s said that nearly 31 million injuries require some form of medical care yearly. There are several different types of injuries, but what are the most common? Find out more here.

Car Accidents

  • Approximately 3 million people are non-fatally injured in car accidents every year.

  • It’s estimated that there is nearly $75 million associated with medical costs and productivity/wage loss each year after motor vehicle crashes.

    • This is purely injury-related, not automotive fixing/replacement costs.

  • In the first 9-months of 2020, inclusive of 6-months of Covid-19 data, traffic fatalities rose 4.6% even though miles traveled decreased by 14.5%.

  • Research shows that every 1% of your speed increases, the likelihood of being in a serious crash increases by 3%, and ending up in a fatal crash increase by 4%. This is purely just interactions between vehicles – the likelihood of hitting a pedestrian or biker rises exponentially higher.

  • Drivers using phones while driving increase their likelihood of being in a crash by 4 times.

Slip and Falls

  • Although women have been recorded as being victims to slip and falls more often, the fatality rate is equal between men and women.

  • Falls essentially make up 8 million emergency room visits, which is 21% of all visits.

  • Nearly 60% of nursing home residents will fall each year, which contributes to the 67% of fatalities each year for those aged 75 years or older.

  • Compensation for slip and fall incidents is approximately $70 billion annually.

  • Disabling, both temporary and permanent, occupation injuries estimate $13-14 million per year in US Falls.

Dog Bites

  • Of the 4.5 million dog bites that occur in the US every year, 800,000 need medical care.

  • It is actually more likely to die from contact with hornets, wasps, and bees – 1 in 63,225.

  • Most dog bites involve dogs that have not been spayed or neutered.

  • Insurance industries paid out more than $530 million in dog bite cases in 2014.

  • Over 5,700 US Postal Service employees were attacked by a dog in 2018.

Children’s Injuries

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