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Even a Pandemic Can't Slow DUI Numbers in Colorado

Western States Law, P.C. Nov. 30, 2020

Despite 2020’s strict travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders due to the worldwide pandemic, drunk driving incidents are up 10-15% according to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The team even reporting at one point this year, the numbers were up a complete 100% from 2019. This Thanksgiving weekend alone, Adams county saw a total of 19 arrests, followed by Denver county with 12 arrests and Boulder and Mesa county with 7 arrests each. However, the DUI arrests are only a small portion of the issue CDOT is seeing when it comes to drunk driving; statewide impaired crashes are the third leading cause of fatalities and injuries. Losing a life and/or loved one in a drunk driving crash is devastating and those victims that survive these horrific events can often have a life-long recovery process ahead of them. This is when a passionate and ruthless personal injury attorney becomes crucial.

Our Experience with DUI Car Accident Injury Cases Can Give You an Advantage

Some law firms focus only on the drunk driver and do not investigate where the alcohol was served. Nor do they assist clients with obtaining victims' compensation funds or restitution through the criminal process. We help in these areas routinely, often meeting with our clients, and the district attorney or victim’s advocate.

Western States Law Gets Results for Dui Victims

Our attorneys represent victims with losses or injuries caused by intoxicated drivers. We do not represent drunk drivers. Our clients are provided with the personal cell phone number of an attorney so they can obtain advice 24/7.

Over the years we have helped victims of drunk drivers, including:

  • A three-year-old child whose mother was killed by a person over 5 times the legal limit

  • A grandmother requiring many surgeries and having over $350,000 in medical bills

  • A mother of five children whose husband killed by a drunk driver

  • The family of a pedestrian killed by a drunk driver

  • The mother of two teenagers killed by a drunk driver

What to Do when You Spot an Impaired Driver

Colorado law enforcement will be continuing to implement high-visibility DUI enforcement through the end of the year so ensure to dial CSP (277) to report an impaired driver; this could help save a life.

How to Spot an Impaired Driver

  1. Appearing to be drunk (e.g. eye fixation, face close to the windshield, drinking in the vehicle.)

  2. Turning with a wide radius

  3. Almost striking an object or car

  4. Weaving, swerving, or drifting

  5. Driving significantly under the speed limit for no obvious reason

  6. Braking erratically or stopping without cause

  7. Accelerating rapidly

  8. Tailgating

  9. Straddling the center of the lane or driving with the left tires on the centerline

  10. Responding slowly to traffic signals

  11. Turning abruptly or illegally

  12. Driving at night with headlights off

Give the dispatcher the exact location (road and direction), a description of the vehicle, and the way the vehicle is being driven. Do not attempt to follow or pursue the vehicle. Remember your call is free and may save a life -- or many lives!

DUI Victim Accident Attorneys in Colorado

Contact our personal injury attorneys to preserve your rights against a drunk driver that has caused you and your family harm. The initial consultation is free, and you will owe no attorney’s fees until we recover for you. Let our experience in pursuing drunk drivers and bars that serve illegally work for you. Our personal injury lawyers are located in Aurora, Colorado, but we represent clients against drunk drivers throughout Colorado and the states of Utah and Wyoming.