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End of September’s Statewide Motorcycle Accidents

Western States Law, P.C. Sept. 28, 2020

Even with Covid-19 decreasing traffic throughout the state most of the year, El Paso County has reported they are the deadliest county in the state for accidents. At the height of the pandemic, traffic was reportedly down 50% but fatal accidents skyrocketed with DUIs and distracted driving be the leading causes. This weekend was no exception for deadly accidents throughout Colorado. As personal injury attorneys, we have seen clients through the most tragic events, and incidents like these are no exception. We are here to support our clients and their loved ones throughout the difficult transitions post-accident.

Colorado Springs Multiple Motorcycle Accident

Late Friday night, September 25th, in Colorado Springs a motorcyclist was killed in a multiple-vehicle accident. The Major Crash Team conducted an investigation and found that a motorcyclist driving southbound on N. Academy Blvd. lost control of the motorcycle and crashed at the intersection of E. Woodmen Rd. After the initial motorcycle crash, two other motorcycles crashed, and a Subaru struck one of the motorcycles. Although CPR was administered to the rider at the scene, he was pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital.

Aurora Motorcycle Left Turn Crash

Another heartbreaking accident in Aurora Friday night ended fatally. A motorcyclist was traveling south on S. Peoria St. while a driver of a Toyota Camry was headed northbound. The Camry made a left turn onto E. Florida Ave. directly into the motorcycle’s pathway. The motorcyclists died at the scene. Although the investigation is ongoing, it does not appear that speed or alcohol was a factor.

Costilla County Domino Collision

Saturday morning, September 26th, in Costilla County a domino-like collision happened along Highway 160 in Blanca, Colorado. A Toyota SR5 pickup attempted to make a left turn but rear-ended a police officer sitting at a traffic light. This pushed the initially eastbound officer into the westbound lanes where he side-swiped one Harley Davidson and hit another Harley head-on. The 73-year old rider that was hit head-on was thrown from his bike and suffered major injuries; his 60-year old riding partner that was side-swiped was unhurt. The other 47-year old officer and the 57-year old truck driver were both transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

Our Attorneys' Experience in Helping Victims

We have seen some terrible injuries in motorcycle accidents. Broken bones, body and facial scars, traumatic brain injury, and even amputation, are all possible results of a bad bike crash. Our attention to detail in the development and presentation of your damages claim can help ensure that every component of your physical and economic losses is included in your damages claim.

Just as important, our experience with the proof and settlement of disputed claims can protect you from the temptation of an inadequate offer in a serious case. You can depend on us for reliable advice about the critical decisions you will have to make as your case proceeds.

At Western States Law, P.C., we represent personal injury clients and families of wrongful death victims in motorcycle accident litigation. Our clients include casual and recreational bikers, hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts, and older riders who have rediscovered the appeal of motorcycles in middle age.

What our motorcycle accident clients tend to have in common is the fact that the drivers claim to have never seen them. The at-fault drivers often try to claim that the motorcycle was “speeding”. For a free consultation about your rights and options in the aftermath of a car crash, contact Western States Law, P.C. Evening, weekend, and in-home appointments are always available.