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Compensation for Drive-By Shooting Victims in Colorado

Western States Law, P.C. Aug. 10, 2020

Denver Metro Drive-By Shootings

On the weekend of August 8th, 11 people in the Denver Metro area were victims of drive-by shootings. Many victims of these kinds of heartless acts are unaware of all the ways they can seek compensation for their pain, suffering, and losses.

The first of these shootings took place in Denver’s Valverde neighborhood where nine people were shot during a family gathering. This incident took place Sunday, August 9, 2020, at approximately 4:28 in the 1400 block of West Byers Place, in the Byers and Pecos park. Leaving a 3-year old girl, 11-year old girl, 12-year old boy, three 17-year olds and three adults in their 20s injured. After fleeing the scene, the driver struck a 22-year old man, again causing extensive injuries. There has been little released on the status of the driver of the vehicle.

Later that evening, another drive-by shooting took place in Lakewood, Colorado. At approximately 10:37 p.m., a dark SUV drove by a house party, in the 5400 block of 6th Ave. Frontage Road and several shots were fired from the vehicle. Two male victims were hospitalized in critical condition Sunday night. Police have identified several similarities between the two shootings but are left with several unanswered questions regarding motive.

Compensation for Loses After a Shooting

Victims of drive-by shootings in Colorado have a variety of options when seeking compensation for their injuries. For instance, every county in Colorado has victim’s compensation funds which may permit recovery for certain losses following a drive-by shooting. Free of charge, our office assists victims of drive-by shootings, and other crimes, in filling out applications properly and seeking these funds. Our team can also help you understand the criminal restitution process, which may permit additional recovery directly from the criminals who committed the crime.

Finally, based on a little known 1992 Colorado Supreme Court case, victims injured as the result of drive-by shootings may be able to recover from certain insurance policy coverage. Victims should speak with a qualified attorney about their rights before making statements to an insurance company.

Consult with A Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a drive-by shooting, contact Colorado injury attorney Dallas Norton at the Aurora, Colorado-based personal injury law firm Western States Law, P.C. by calling or texting for a free consultation.